Attention to Detail

Otwane Randolph is a former NCAA basketball player and is now a proud trainer, coach, business owner and father. 

Q: What are some of the positive/healthy daily habits you practice?

A: I try to eat healthy and work out every other day. More importantly, I try to think positive thoughts; the quality of your thoughts is very important throughout the day. Trying to be at peace helps my health and my overall attitude, which directly affects my performance.

Q: What are you interested in, what are your hobbies and why?

A: I’m interested in growing my business and reaching out as many people as I can; helping others helps myself. I own a financial services company that repairs people’s credit and does their taxes. I’m always looking for ways to make clients lives better, and the habits they have play into the bigger picture.

Q: Why do you choose to wear Habits 365 gear?

A: I like what it represents. I feel that most people will wear something that represents their thought process. Someone like me, I do pay attention to my habits and how they affect my life. I think it’s a great brand and health conscious and action minded, motivated people will also like it. All successful people have to consider and think about their habits, and I feel the gear is a great reminder to practice positive habits.  

Q: How do you think you wearing it could inspire others to do the same?

A: Well I wear it to the gym, and from there people can immediately get the correlation from brand to lifestyle; type A people, entrepreneurs, athletes and others will appreciate the brand and what it represents; it’s good to be constantly evaluating your habits and bettering yourself

I have been a player, a coach, a trainer a counselor, and business owner and all of those hats required me to monitor my daily habits if I wanted to be successful. Tom Brady would love this because he has habits, and his habits are the reasons he made the Super Bowl at 40 years old; his attention to detail and his work ethic are part of his makeup. You’re either attention to detail or you’re not.

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