Designer Collection: "ProHibit3d Ori6inal 5tANARt"

Habits 365 Introduces its first ever designer item. With a white H as the face of the shirt, more is represented than simply the letter that Habits begins with. It symbolizes the bridge between start and finish with the horizontal line between the two poll like figures in the letter itself. To get from point A to point B, one must practice positive Habits consistently, 365 days a year. This product isn't standard. It isn't one of many. This is different. This is Habits 365. 

Blurb from the Designer: My name is Demetrius Milton Westray, also known as StANARt. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the county by my mother. I made this design to expose the unconventional and to explore the taboo. The term “PROHIBIT3D ORI6INAL 5tANARt” is a representation of whatever one can’t have. But we should all get what we want. Don’t follow the trend. Make your own Habits.

Available September 1, 2018. 10:00am. Only 20 shirts produced.