This September, Habits 365 released the Designer Collection, featuring artist Demetrius "stANARt" Westray. With ProHibit3d Ori6inal 5tanart underway, Habits had reached a new level of exclusive.

As ProHibit3d was loved and appreciated by the Habits community, there was a mysterious disappearance of ProHibit3d Ori6inal 5tanart.

We investigated the whereabouts of ProHibit3d, yet found no signal- until Demetrius made the call. He decided it was up to him to find ProHibit3d.

We were able to capture live footage of the last known person to see ProHibit3d. 

After this live look in at Demetrius's journey, we notice that he had not found ProHibit3d, and he had lost signal and disappeared.

Shortly after, we notice that someone- whose identity remains anonymous- found ProHibit3d, as well as a new entity as well. We see the man gently move the ProHibit3d Ori6inal 5tanart out of the way, as we get a quick peak at what appears to be a jacket.

Thus came the name, ProHibit3d Betrayed.  

After a few hours, Demetrius was found, as he was going around the streets,  gathering as many of the jackets as he could. Unfortunately for him, he only found a total of 10. These 10 jackets are the only thing that holds the steady balance for creativity in the world.  

It is reported that many are on the lookout for these rare jackets, and each future owner of these jackets has an incredible responsibility to protect it and cherish it.  

This is a warning, and a call to action. Everyone must be careful before becoming an owner. Do what you aren't supposed to. They want ProHibit3d to remain dead and our creativity vanish. They will do whatever it takes to keep these sacred items out of your hands. 

Demetrius cannot be seen with them, because if he is found again, they'll take his creativity away- forever.  

The power of the people must prevail. We must fight. We have been betrayed.