Vision of a Baller

Laurence Jolicoeur is a 30-year-old basketball skills trainer and entrepreneur from Queens, NY. He is an accomplished basketball player and has played division I basketball at Manhattan College and UMBC as well as in Italy.

What are your day-to-day habits?

I try to work out every day, and I definitely try to eat well too. Those habits allow me to be successful.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Basketball is a passion of mine because it allows me to help people accomplish their goals on and off the court to their best abilities.

Why do you like Habits 365?

Habits is a brand that embodies the values I see in my own company, Pro Reps. Our vision is practicing positive habits, working hard and knowing that the sky is the limit.

Laurence can be found on Instagram (@lj_55). The Pro Reps model coincides with the vision of Habits 365 and are proud to support Laurence and his hard work.

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