Work Hard, Play Harder

Jamal Benn, 24, is from Far Rockaway, New York. A senior at Mercy College, he is extremely into working out and maintaining a strong and healthy build. 

Q: What are some of the positive/healthy daily habits you practice?

A: I’m very into fitness, so working out five times a week is a goal for me. I do everything from weights to calisthenics. It feels good to improve and get stronger, mentally and physically. 

Q: Any other interests or hobbies?

A: I love basketball and try to play at least once a week. I’m also an avid nap-taker. I feel like naps help me recuperate after a long day. 

Q: Why do you choose to wear Habits 365 gear?

A: Habits 365 is pretty inexpensive and high quality. I love the style and the positive message of the brand. 

Q: How do you think you wearing it could inspire others to do the same?

A: If people see me wearing it and they like to work out a lot, someone could look at me wearing it and see me doing the things that I do the gear. From that point they’ll be more intrigued and want to wear it themselves.

You can follow Jamal Benn on Instagram @_wingzero_ to see his everyday routines, as he promotes a positive lifestyle!