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A Peek Behind the Curtain: The III VI V

Temani Chapple repping the Designer Collection

By Mia Sherin, October 1, 2020

Habits 365 started with two people and the idea that your habits can determine your success. Now, three successful lines and a lot of growth later, the grind hasn’t stopped. In fact, we’ve only pushed harder. With drive and a determination, Habits 365 is proud to bring you a deluxe line that takes your habits to the next level: the III VI V, also known as the Designer Collection. Not only are we excited for you to see this line for yourself, but we couldn’t help but give you a peek behind the scenes into making of this exclusive line.

A few of the hands that went into creating the Designer Collection were generous enough to chat with me about the inspiration behind the collection and their experience behind the curtain. The team was not only made up of Habits 365 employees, but Brand Ambassadors as well, who were brought from the outside to help us get in touch with the greater Habits community.

Rachel Rosentein, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Habits, spearheaded the marketing team, which focused on how the collection would be presented to the Habits community. “We worked on coming up with a sleek, yet also powerful name for the line,” Rachel explained. “We discussed color schemes, logos, packaging options and what to include in the note that each recipient of our clothing would read with their purchase. It was a really awesome and rewarding experience to see my ideas — and the rest of the market team — come to fruition.”

While it was undoubtedly a lot of work to put together this collection, there was no lack of passion or inspiration coming from the team. Temani Chapple, a Brand Ambassador who served on the marketing team, talked about the inspiration behind the collection, and what word was driving their work: “The vision behind the collection was a term that we used a lot, which was ‘next-level.’ We wanted to reach that next level and show people that we are all about building great habits 365 days a year, but we’re also for elevating people at the same time.” 

Tanaka Tava, another seasoned Brand Ambassador, spoke to the vision behind the luxurious Designer Collection. If there was one thing he wanted our community to know when they look at the line, it’s that “when you get this, you won’t be able to get this anywhere else.” And with all the hard work they put in, I’d say he’s got a point.

Habits 365 has always prided itself in being founded, built, and run by young people, people who could just as easily be on the other side of the equation, sitting in a college dorm or school classroom, waiting eagerly for the new Habits item to be delivered to their doorstep. The Designer Collection team is no exception. Immersed in an environment with young creatives, the experience creating the line was unmatched. Natalie Holko, who wore many hats in the creation of the Designer Collection, said of the process, “The experience was so much fun, getting to work with all different departments and seeing everyone’s thoughts and ideas coming together to get this vision that we have all created.

Temani said the same of the experience working to bring the Designer Collection to life: “To work with other creatives and bounce ideas off of each other, it was just a really cool tight knit family experience.”

The chance to work with other young people was what Tanaka appreciated most about his experience, and definitely something to be proud of. “The part that I am most proud of is the execution,” Tanaka revealed. “I really love how the Habits team is young. We used to live in a world where we’re told, ‘Hey, you have to wait your turn. You have to earn your stripes. You can’t do this until you're 26, 27, 28, 30, 40.’ But hey, we have a gang of teenagers to young adults who are on a mission to execute. I love the hunger and the drive of each and every person that was in the group and contributed to this, and we shared the results, trusted the process, and you let the results speak for themselves.”

And the collection certainly spoke for itself. But a little behind the scenes peek never hurt.










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