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Design Made Just For You: Habits' Lead Designer Gives a Peak Into His Work

Design Made Just For You: Habits' Lead Designer Gives a Peak Into His Work

By Mia Sherin, February 9, 2020

Good design is integral to Habits 365. It’s what creates the canvas to manifest your goals, what makes you feel good when getting dressed in the morning, and what reflects each individual member of the Habits community. Habits 365 is made, tailored, and envisioned for each and every one of you. By design, it mirrors the passions, habits, and essence of our community.

It’s not an easy task. It requires an inspiring client and a team of clever designers, one of whom I got the opportunity to chat with to learn more about the design process at Habits. Elie Finley is a 24-year-old from Columbia, South Carolina, and he is the Lead Designer for Habits 365. His passion for design was born from a 2013 raffle, when he won tickets to a Givenchy fashion show but wasn’t able to attend, so he gave away the tickets. But the colors and themes from the runway show lingered in his mind, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was meant to pursue design. So at 20-years-old, Finley moved to LA to make it happen.

In LA, he got the opportunity to intern for Ashton Michael, a celebrity fashion designer and Project Runway alum, where his designs were on the cover of Vogue, on Post Malone at an award show, and even at the Latin Grammys. We are so lucky to have his talents at Habits 365, where he brings the same work ethic, design ethics, and passionate ideas. 

While designing for Post Malone may be slightly different than designing for Habits, the message is the same: to allow someones’ values, personality, and passions to shine through. And just as Elie worked with a team in LA, he leans on his team at Habits as well. This group, made up of our talented designers and ambassadors and led by Elie, is always open to the fresh perspectives of Habits team members at any level of experience. He explained that “if anybody has inspiration or anybody has interest in designing, they’re more than welcome to send over ideas or try their hand at design and send them to us.” With this collaborative design process, they are able to produce fresh, creative, and cohesive designs.

For their design process, they begin by sending pictures of clothing inspiration that they may like to twist and make their own. From there, general color schemes follow, and then they focus on the nitty gritty details of the design and how it can be best personalized for the Habits community. The key to their work is ensuring  that these designs aren’t just for anyone; they’re for their client, members of Habits 365, who they know like the back of their hand. Elie explained that they have such a close understanding of the Habits community and client base—they have a firm grasp on what they like, what materials they’re comfortable in, and what colors make them happy.

While the aesthetic of Habits 365 is evolving and growing, the designers never forget the roots and core of the company. Not only do the designs serve to represent the practice of good habits, but they also exist to make the person wearing them feel good. Elie explained, “There’s something so important about feeling good with what you're wearing and comfortable with who you are as a person.” 

I am inspired everyday but this design team. A group of people, all under the age of 25, have created clothing that resonates with people across the country and puts a smile on their face. Elie said, “It just shows what our generation can do when we put our head down and work together.”

Keep an eye out for the Spring/Summer line, which will only further illustrate the incredible work of the design team.


Guyanthony Parramore


I want to congratulate you first! I know how difficult it is to break into the fashion arena. I wanted to also commend you on the gear that you have produced and designed! I sport your pants regularly. I do would like to offer some advice. Or maybe more like a request. Soon the era for tightleged pants will transform to a different fashion sense altogether. I and many of my social circle are still attracted to baggy pants. Not so much as those that folks allow to show their gluts, but more or less loose enough to drop a tennis ball down the legs as my Grandfather once commented about back in the early 90’s when tight leg jeans regained its popularity into the fashion sense. I have a few ideals of what the next trend will be seeming that I am a trend setter. I would be more than willing to share my wisdom. And possibly some ideas that would place your market on more than one stage. I am always praying for our young Adults as they take hold of their(s) and our(s) future


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