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Get into the Swing of Things this Summer

Get into the Swing of Things this Summer

By Mia Sherin, June 9, 2021

Summer is all about potential. It’s something you daydream about while sitting in class, the motivation you need to get through finals week, and the time of year that feels like anything could happen. Summer has so much potential, but that goes both ways. It could be a time filled with productivity, and fun, and fulfillment, or it could be a hazy season consisting of sleeping the day away and zoning out into the TikTok void. And unless you are working a consistent nine-to-five job, a routine probably isn’t going to find you.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little R&R, and the summer is a great time to focus on mental health and recharge your battery. But this summer, with many people working remotely and on their own time, finding a routine is a great habit to create and one that will serve your mental health and squeeze the most out of your days. So if you’re feeling stuck in a rut and aren’t sure where to get started, look no further. Habits has got you covered on nailing down that summer routine. 


Set Goals and Prioritize


Before attempting to create a schedule, it’s important to first figure out what you want to prioritize each day, whether it be work, exercise, time with family or whatever it may be. It’s easy for us to go about the motions each day and spend the whole day working, forgetting to leave time for something we enjoy. But setting overarching goals and establishing priorities, you can be sure to incorporate these into your daily routine. For me, this means leaving a window of time before bed to read a book, and time every Tuesday morning for my favorite spin class.


Regulate Your Sleep Schedule


This is a tough one. On breaks from school, I was always the person to enter a YouTube rabbit hole at 4pm one night, and then passing out at 10pm the next night out of exhaustion. As a self-proclaimed morning-hater, the 8am wake-up has completely transformed my life for the better, leaving so many hours in the day to accomplish my goals or simply just relax and enjoy. This isn’t to say that you need to wake up at 8am everyday. Maybe your goal is to start the day at 11am! The most important part is to try to stay consistent, allowing your body to naturally find a rhythm and join you in your routine. 


Find a System that Works for You


Are you a To Do List aficionado? A planner queen? Or do you prefer mental notes? Whatever may work for you, find a way to track and mark your routine. Whether you choose to make a To Do List the night before, pull out your aesthetic planner at a coffee shop, or just jot down daily goals onto a notes page in your phone, spelling out this schedule, especially in the beginning, can help hold you accountable (and who doesn’t love getting to check stuff off?).


Make Time for What Matters


Summer is meant to be fun and spent with people who make you feel good! Don’t create such a strict regimen for yourself that you feel there isn’t time or room for family, friends, or for yourself. We make time for what matters to us. Your routine should only reflect that!


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