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Habits 365 X Mind of Habit: Behind the Collaboration

Habits 365 X Mind of Habit: Behind the Collaboration

By Mia Sherin, February 20, 2021

At its core, Habits 365 is a company for self-starters, for people who want to grow, for the motivated, the ambitious, and the young people who want to prove themselves. It’s a company created and run by people under the age of 25, all who hope to inspire others. 

Mind of Habit has the same foundations, values, and aspirations. Founded by 22-year-old Jeremy Valentine, Mind of Habit wants to help people improve their lives. It works to motivate the unmotivated, give drive to those who need it, and teach people how to build and sustain positive habits. Sound familiar? It’s basically a match made in heaven.

So, Habits 365 and Mind of Habit got together to create the ultimate collaboration and empower their communities to build positive habits. They released a collaboration tee, celebrating the shared values of the two companies and hoping to spread their message to a greater audience. 

Valentine started Mind of Habit after feeling like he wasn’t getting the real life knowledge he needed at school. We learn how to memorize facts or analyze novels, but we aren’t taught how to be productive, how to unlearn laziness, or how to develop new skills and routines. Jeremy  explained, “Most schools and teachers have the right intentions, but they do not provide us with the knowledge needed to grow, make money, create habits and much more. I wanted Mind of Habit to be a place where people could come to get this information, motivation and technology.” Jeremy now uses his Mind of Habit platform to get people the information they didn’t learn in school, but that will help them thrive in the real world.

In addition to bringing content to those hoping to develop habits, Mind of Habit is also coming out with an app called, “Rewardful,” that actually helps users build their habits. Science has shown that all you need to create new habits is a cue, routine, and reward. With this app, users will receive rewards after logging the completion of their desired routine, training the mind to continue fulfilling this habit. It’s such a cool concept that will undoubtedly help people achieve their goals and hold themselves accountable! I know the Habits 365 community are all going to be hitting download as soon as it drops.

Habits 365 is so thrilled to have collaborated with Mind of Habit, and the feeling is mutual. Valentine said, “Habits 365 is a great brand with strong morals that I felt very comfortable working with. After speaking with the co-founder, Eli, we both felt strongly that collaborating together and making a custom and exclusive T-Shirt was something we were both very excited to do.” 

It’s not everyday that we get to connect with people with such similar values and aspirations. We can’t wait to continue this brand relationship and empower more people to practice good habits!

To learn more about Mind of Habit, visit their website or Instagram.


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