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Habits’ Ambassador Spotlight: Q &A with Wyze Billingsley

Habits’ Ambassador Spotlight: Q &A with Wyze Billingsley

Habits is all about representing those that practice habits that fuel their minds and bodies. IT may take some of us a long time to discover what makes us happy and at the same time challenges ourselves. As a model who has worked with our company, Wyze Billingsley, age 15, has grown into her habits that she tries to practice every day. I was given the opportunity to ask Ms. Billingsley about her lifestyle practices and how she got to where she is now. 

Q: Could you tell me a little bit about what you’re currently doing with work and/or school?

A: I’m learning a lot about history right now. I would like to say my favorite class is history because I like learning about things that happened before so we remember what not to do now. 

Q: That’s a really interesting take on the importance of learning history. This company is all about practicing good habits. Do you have any habits that you practice that keep your mind and body healthy?

A: This gets hard sometimes, but I try to really think about what I say before I say it. I shouldn’t let words slip out of my mouth when my feelings are hurt. Another one is trying to get up early in time to do things before I get to school. 

Q: Have you always practiced the same habits like getting up early, or have they changed over time as you mature?

A: Yes, actually! They’ve gotten a lot better. The waking up part is still difficult since I’m not a morning person, so it’s still hard, but I still try my best. 

Q: Yes I get that. How important is self-care to you? Do you make sure you make time for it each day? 

A: Of course. Every day I get up and do self-care because I think it’s really important. If I don’t get up and practice it, my day feels a lot more down. 

Q: That’s how I am too! And my last question is, so you’re the newest ambassador for the spotlight, do you have any advice for those that are searching for the right habits to practice?

A: Try practicing habits that are beneficial to you and others at the same time. Just make sure the habits are more of good things that affect others instead of making you feel good and others not so much.

She is definitely a hard-working young woman and is well-deserved to be in Habits newest ambassador spotlight. You can follow Wyze Billingsley and her journey of modeling and practicing healthy habits on her Instagram handle, @wyzebillingsley. Take some inspiration from young female ambassadors such as Ms. Billingsley and discover what makes you illuminate. 


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