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Here's a guide to picking the right Habits pieces for your workout type

Here's a guide to picking the right Habits pieces for your workout type

You find yourself exercising more often as the new year unfolds, but you might not have the right workout attire. While we have a wide variation of fitness clothing, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is suited for different intensities of workouts. Here is a quick guide to picking the right pieces at Habits for your workout type: 


Running is more of a mental exercise than a physical one. Everything in your mind and body is telling you to stop, but once you push through the feeling it’s so rewarding. When you’re running you don’t want to be constricted, so focus on compression pants/shorts and a lightweight top. If you’re particular about running in an open outdoor space, invest in a windbreaker set or track suit.

    Grace Leggings   or    Windbreaker Set


If you have a CrossFit class you go to regularly, it’s time to invest in some high-quality compression workout clothes. Wearing compressed tops will help with the intense upper body workouts, and wearing shorts that aren’t loose or in the way will help with easy movability and breathability. 

        365 Bralette  or Sculpted high Rise Bike Short


Yoga is one of the less intense workout types, so comfortable pants that could be tight or loose with a loose top are best for this. Yoga consists of steady movement and stretches, so you don’t want what you’re wearing to get in the way of successfully doing so! Of course, starting out, yoga can be simpler and require less specific clothing, but if you can see yourself taking classes in the long run, it’s worth it to purchase clothing that is for more advanced poses. 

Good Vibes Joggers   or    Natalie Tank


HIIT workouts are known as the most intense type of workout. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which means you need to wear non-restricting clothes that support breathability at the same time. Examples of compressed but airy clothes are biker shorts, tank tops, or basketball shorts with built-in compression. 

Trainer Compression   or  Shorts Alpha Tee


If you’re heavy with going to the gym each and every day, wear loose-fitted clothes for your lifting days. It’s stuffy enough in the gym, so don’t wear constricting clothing that’ll make you feel off. It’s also important that you wear what makes you feel confident and powerful!

Legacy Tank    or    Hardwood Vintage Basketball Shorts


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