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How Empowered Women are Wearing Their Habits

How Empowered Women are Wearing Their Habits

By Mia Sherin, April 5, 2021

As Women’s History month draws to a close and we enter April, Habits 365 recognizes how integral women are to our team, our community, and our mission. From our ambassadors to our chief officers to each woman who supports Habits, we would not be as passionate, inspired, or successful as we are today without them. So what better way to use this space than to highlight how just a few of them practice positive habits? I spoke with some powerhouse women to find out how I can wear my habits just like them.

Brittany Bunn, an ambassador for Habits, maintains a positive attitude. “Good habits for me is making sure I stay positive. Good habits is waking up with a smile and telling myself that today will be a good day, no matter what life throws at me.”

Briana Gobourne, Creative Director of Habits 365, makes sure to stay organized. “I wear my habits by staying on top of my responsibilities everyday. In addition to working as the Creative Director of Habits 365, I am a full time student graduating this Spring, a professional dancer, and a Transfer Peer Success Coach at John Jay College. Life can get pretty hectic, but I am always sure to stay organized by using a white board, phone reminders, a calendar, and a physical planner. When I make a commitment to something, I am sure to give my 110% effort into everything that I do and practice good habits in order to ensure that and produce great results.”

Gabby DePietro, a TikTok star with almost 2 million followers, spoke about the positive habits she practices in our blog post, The Power of Positivity: A New Wave of Social Media. She shared a few ways she wears her habits: “I don’t follow Addison Rae, and I don’t follow Charli D’amelio,” Gabby admitted. “I was following them, but when I started watching their videos, it was almost like I could feel jealous. No shade on them, I think what they’re doing is great. But on social media in general, I don’t follow anybody that makes me feel bad.” She also shared an important way that she expresses self love: “I try to go into the mirror everyday and pick out something I love about myself.”

Rachel Rosenstein, Chief Marketing Officer of Habits 365, likes to stay active: I wear my habits by exercising 5-6 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day. Even if it’s just going on a walk with a friend, I make sure to get my body moving because it makes me feel healthier and happier.  

Natalie Holko, Productions Lead of Habits 365, knows when to put her mental health first: I practice my good habits by always knowing when to take charge of my mental health when needed. Whether it  be going on a long walk or reading a book, protecting your health first will help you succeed in the long run!

Natalie Selmer, Chief Operating Officer of Habits 365, practices mindfulness daily: My healthy habit is meditating for 10 minutes everyday. I value taking time out of my day for self reflection and for me, even if it’s only 10 minutes.

Emily Jordan, an ambassador for Habits who shared her story in an ambassador spotlight, wears her habits by seeking happiness everyday: “I honestly and truly believe that whenever you love yourself and you care about yourself and you’re happy, truly happy, then everything else falls into place. It’s not a magic pill or anything like that. It’s just truly being happy.”


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