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Life as a College Athlete

Life as a College Athlete

By Hannah Murphy, July 8, 2020. 

At Habits 365, our main goal is to practice and spread positivity by maintaining healthy habits, 365 days a year. Whether it is exercising or working towards being the best version of yourself by incorporating productive habits into your daily life, these practices are important. With the intentions of our brand in mind, we got to thinking about what the life of an off- season college athlete looked like. 

Hamilton Coiscou, a rising senior on the football team at Trinity College gave us insight as to what his day to day schedule looks like over the summer as he prepares for his last season of his collegiate career in the fall. Coiscou has been playing football since he was seven, so there is a lot of passion and anticipation as he awaits the first kickoff of his last season. Not being on campus during the summer means he has to get creative to stay in shape and be ready for the season that awaits him. Hamilton gave us a look into how he incorporates workouts, healthy eating, and a positive mindset into his summer vacation, all while working a 9 to 5, and making sure he is still able to have a well deserved break. 

When talking about the difference between training on campus and being at home, Hamilton said that “During the offseason, when it comes to staying fit, working out is definitely preferred. Life doesn’t revolve as much around football and you can really have a healthier balance of work, football, and a social life.” He tries to get outside as much as possible and comes up with different ways that he can get a productive work out in while taking advantage of the summer sun. 

Hamilton works out four days a week during off season:- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, using Wednesdays and the weekend as rest days to let his body recover and rejuvenate. On the days that he does exercise, Hamilton often works out in the afternoon when he is done with work, and does whatever regiment he is doing that day for about 90 minutes. Being away from the pads and the contact that come with playing collegiate level football, Hamilton says that his body feels so much better because he has less aches and pain that come with playing the sport in full force.

In regards to how he eats when he isn’t training and practicing to be on the field every Saturday afternoon, Coiscou said that “For football players in the offseason, eating habits really depend on your goals for the upcoming season. Obviously you want to make sure you are eating right, but depending on whether you want to gain or lose weight- or keep your weight, your body type determines how you eat. For me, I try and gain weight during my time off, so I eat about four meals a day (2 lunches), but am constantly snacking on something throughout the day as well as a ton of water.”

Hamilton loves the fact that during the offseason he is not only working out, but is working on himself. He appreciates the fact that he isn’t surrounded by coaches and trainers, but still strives to be the best and healthiest version of himself. Aside from preparing for the upcoming season, he sees exercising as something that is really beneficial for his mental health. It allows him to focus on something outside of the normal stressors of work and balancing a social life, or even things not as personal to him. One of the strongest points he made that is intact with the main message of Habits 365 is that, Hamilton said that his routine always makes him feel good, regardless of how he feels waking up each day. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an athlete, working in the real world, and making time for his personal life, Hamilton feels confident at the end of each day knowing that his schedule and habits day to day are keeping him happy, healthy, and positive. 


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