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Maintain your habits on vacation too!

Maintain your habits on vacation too!

Everyone deserves a well-rested vacation over the Summer, and the time has come to start planning the little details about any travel plans you have. There’s endless temptation when you’re away from home on a relaxing trip: guilty-pleasure desserts, late nights out, and souvenirs that will take from your pockets. While it’s totally okay to take a break from the routine you live every day, it’s important that healthy habits follow you on vacation. It can be either small or big habits that can boost your mood and physical health while on break.


Stay hydrated. It’s easy to only drink when you get a soda at dinner, but it’s even easier to simply carry a water bottle with you throughout the day. Especially if you’re going to the beach or somewhere warm, you need to drink almost twice as much water as you normally would. Your body will have so much more energy when it’s hydrated, and you don’t want to waste your time off feeling lethargic. 

Adapt your usual workout routine to the environment around you. You’re on vacation and you want to relax and break away from your usual routine, but don’t neglect the fitness routine you have going. Don’t think of it as a task you have to complete, but rather a thank you to your body for being so strong. Adapt your indoor treadmill run to an outdoor jog along the beach. Walk to the coffee shop instead of driving there, and remind yourself to thank your body each day!

Wake up for sunrise at least once. You’re probably tired of getting up early for work, and you deserve to sleep in at times. While on vacation, wake up in time to watch the sunrise at least once. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee with a friend or loved one and watching the sun slowly go up is worth the 6am alarm. 

Don’t stress over not doing enough. Despite all the activities you think you have to do in order to be fulfilled on the vacation, take it day-by-day. This is the chance to break away from the total routine and be spontaneous with what you do. Skip the detailed itinerary and do what you’ve always wanted to do! 


Don’t take advantage of how easy it is to let go of healthy habits when you’re taking a break from routine. You'll be in such a better mood and you’ll find mini bursts of productivity while also relaxing. At the same time, enjoy dinner from that famous restaurant you saw on Google, and sign up for paddle boarding even if you don’t have great balance. It is possible to treat your body and mind right and relax at the same time.


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