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Quarantine Fashion Trends: What’s in When You Can’t Go Out

Quarantine Fashion Trends: What’s in When You Can’t Go Out

By Mia Sherin, September 10, 2020

In a typical year, fashion trends would come and go as seasons change, what’s in style would be modeled on the streets and at events rather than in the grocery store, and new hot looks would take center stage. But, as in many ways, this year is different. The ebbs and flows that trend-setting usually takes have been put at a stand-still, with people not leaving their house to showcase their looks in the first place. So is this just the year of the white sneaker all over again? Are we staying in the mom jeans phase forever? Or, despite the waves of fashion moving at a different pace, are quarantine fashion trends taking the lead? Let’s take a look.

The first quarantine trend that we must discuss is all thanks to Zoom, AKA our only form of social interaction: business on the top, comfy on the bottom. When attending my own remote Zoom classes for college, I have often found myself in a cute top, makeup on, and a nice pair of earrings, with sweatpants and crocs covering the bottom half of my body. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to leave the house for a Starbucks run and everyone has to see your disjointed look.

The next fashion trend inspired by being locked away in your house for six months? Dying your hair! You’ve definitely seen everyone and their mother on your Instagram feed with dyed hair, a movement created because we all got bored and stir-crazy. As someone who participated in this trend (I went from Brunette to Ginger for the months of April and May), I can say that I definitely recommend giving it a try. When you’re not seeing anyone you know (or at least, they can’t recognize you in your mask), you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s the perfect time to go crazy with a color you’ve always wanted to try.

Not only are we creating trends based on staying home, but people are also finding a way to make staying home look chic with this new genre of clothing that has been pushed to the front of every clothing website: loungewear. If sweatshirts and sweatpants are our new uniforms, they might as well look fashionable. While I love a good loungewear set, this trend definitely irks me a little bit. I was thrilled with the free pass of wearing pajamas all day, but why do I now how to look cute while I’m doing it? The standards are too high!

Finally, there is one last trend that may not be exclusive to quarantine times, but will definitely never go out of style: wearing your habits. Social interactions have undoubtedly become more difficult, whether you’re on an awkward Zoom call or just forgetting how to have a normal conversation, and your clothing can be a great conversation topic. If you’re wearing your habits with pride, there’s a good chance it could strike up a conversation!

Another pro of repping habits during quarantine? It’s the perfect balance between comfort and motivation. Try out the Avery Cropped Hoodie from the Women’s line for the coziest sweatshirt, or grab the Men’s Victory Shorts when you need that extra motivation to get out of bed and get moving. For options for our younger audience, check out our Kids line for ways to wear your habits, too.

We’ve all been feeling a little lost when it comes to new fashion trends these past few months. I often find myself scouring the internet, wondering if there’s something I’m missing. But we’re here to tell you that while there might not be a new style ready for next year’s fashion week, there are some fun trends that have come out of quarantine that are so fun, you just might want to try it. So get half-dressed up for your next Zoom, buy that hair dye you’ve been eyeing at Walgreens, and if you’re still feeling lost, check out what Habits 365 has to offer. We’ve got you covered.







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