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Spring To-Do List: Take a friend or loved one out!

Spring To-Do List: Take a friend or loved one out!

The sun is out and the plants are blooming as you notice your mental and physical health spiking. It’s important to focus on yourself, of course, but now that you are confident in your lifestyle, why not help a friend out? Things are more enjoyable when accompanied by someone, so take someone with you on your journey to success; however, make sure you don’t tie yourself to someone who pulls you down but instead reciprocates that support. 

For some inspiration on how to convince your friend to join your new lifestyle, Habits suggests a few ideas on dates, adventures, and errands you both can do!

Make vows to getting your dogs out more.

I know this sounds like a silly lifestyle change, but improving your dog’s physical health leads to improving your own, and it’s a great way to be active with your friend and their dog. Plan to meet after your work/school responsibilities at a local dog park and take that time for mental breather to just spend time with your dog and friend, and create memories. If there is no local dog park, go to a trail and make that a time to do a more physically intensive activity such as jogging or running. Your dog’s heart needs the cardio too! 

Go to the grocery store and meal prep together.

If you’re like me it is very rare when I have the motivation to meal prep on a Sunday evening. I found that it’s much more enjoyable to go grocery shopping and meal prep for the week with a friend. Schedule a day, maybe even make it a recurring thing, where you both get up early and shop at a grocery store that offers a wide variety of produce and whole-hearted foods. 

I find it so therapeutic and calming to take my time picking out which broccoli crown looks the best. Once you and your friend purchase the good-looking groceries you need, meet at one of your houses (the one with the better-equipped kitchen) to start the meal prep. It’s much easier to stick to a healthy eating routine knowing you’re not in it alone. 

Make a workout routine you both can follow.

When I started my physical health journey I wasn’t inspired to do so on my own. My sister practically forced me to start going to the gym with her, and then I ended up loving the routine of it all. If your friend is reluctant to start their physical health journey, or is just unsure of how they should go about it, guide them! Encourage them to buy a membership at the gym you go to, or simply set up a time three days a week to go on a run through the park. The key to success is consistency, so become consistent at something with someone else!

Like a pen pal, if the person you desire to have the same workout routine with is far away, physically write or type a workout routine that you both can follow. You don’t have to complete it at the exact same time, just knowing that you have to follow it because you both are depending on each other’s support through this journey. 

Skip out on the productivity for a weekend and go on an adventure.

I cannot express how much taking a mental breather for just a few days can boost your motivation to continue your physical and mental health journey. Plan a reasonably-priced road trip with your friend or loved one to get away from the city; or vice versa, if you’re tired of the suburbs, fly or drive into the city to live your dream urban life. 

It’s okay to have lazy days, or days where you just want to spend time with your loved one and check in on each other. Don’t take these breaks for granted because life will only get busier! 

We hope you have a special friend or loved one in mind when reading through these Spring outing ideas. Of course, there’s much simpler or extraneous activities that can make you and someone closer, but hopefully these sparked some ideas. I know it might seem like peace and success is so far away, but you can make spurts of these feelings with other people by planning and just doing. 

Be proud of yourself and keep up the healthy habits you practice!


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