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The Habits We All Practice, but No One Talks About

The Habits We All Practice, but No One Talks About

By Mia Sherin, July 29, 2020

When it comes to chatting with friends, posting on Instagram, or sharing advice, we have no problem flaunting the healthy habits we practice. Whether it’s a photoshoot on social media of an impressive homemade meal, gushing to friends about how you didn’t text your ex this week, or conveniently sending SnapChats during a morning workout, there is no shortage of proof of the healthy habits we practice. But what about the habits that everybody does, but nobody talks about?

I know I cannot be the only one who puts something down on my To Do List after having done it, just for the satisfaction of crossing it off. And there’s no way I’m alone in the fact that I pretend I’m in a music video when blasting music in my car. Of course, while all my friends might be telling me that they are on their best behavior, I know we all go home and stalk that guy from English class via their Snap score, Twitter likes, or even LinkedIn. Okay, maybe LinkedIn is just me. I can accept that. 

So why do we never talk about the fact that we all pee in the shower, secretly love to pop pimples, or write out texts in the notes app so the other party doesn’t get those three little dots? Is it because it is gross or embarrassing, or is it more than that? Why do we talk about some habits, but not others? I decided to take this question to my closest group of friends to get some answers.

My girlfriends and I have always been super open with each other. But in a friend group with successful, put together women, who all make paleo desserts and brownies made out of vegetables (I always bring my own pint of ice cream to our hangouts), it’s easy to feel like everyone has their act together. Once I brought up this question, and presented some habits I am embarrassed to admit that I do, the floodgates opened and everyone began sharing. We laughed about all the habits we practice that we thought were silly, a little psycho, and even pretty gross, that all of us could relate to. Not a soul in that room hadn’t peed in a pool, hid somewhere on campus to avoid running into a certain person, or carried out two sides of an entire conversation in their head before going to sleep. 

We talk about our workout routines, our new quarantine talents (mine is the ukulele), and every healthy habit in the book. But the question still remains: why are there habits that everyone does but no one talks about? Well, we all want to be perceived a certain way, and see these habits as embarrassing or weird or crazy. But in reality, we all do them! I could say that because of that, those habits are normal, and therefore, we are normal, but I am happy to accept that I am not always put together. I am definitely a lot crazy. And undoubtedly, my life is a string of embarrassments. No one is a compilation of their healthy habits or the summation of their Instagram posts. Being open, and not striving for perfection, is healthy! At Habits 365, we strive to be the best version of ourselves, not a seemingly perfect version. At the end of the day, we are complicated, multi-faceted people with sometimes strange, inexplicable habits. It’s time we start talking about them, even if it’s just to laugh.


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