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The Lessons I’ve Learned as a Content Writer for Habits 365

The Lessons I’ve Learned as a Content Writer for Habits 365

In the summer of 2020, I stumbled upon a LinkedIn job posting for a content writing internship at Habits 365. A little over a  year later and I’ve written campaign scripts, been inspired by many young creatives, and created The Loop, a blog I’ve been proud to see grow and evolve. As my last day with Habits 365 approaches — and I pass the torch to future content writers who will only take this blog to new heights — I can’t help but look back on the many lessons I’ve learned in this position. So, for my final farewell, I’d love to share some of these takeaways with all of you. Whether you’re a writer like me or a professional in any field, there are some key go-to habits that will help you make the most out of your next internship or job.

Take initiative.

When hoping to make an impact in a position, doing the bare minimum is likely not enough. That doesn’t mean that you should go around taking on extra projects or juggling more balls than you can carry, but simply reminding yourself to take initiative. To share your ideas, to turn in deliverables before being asked, to offer yourself as a resource and push yourself outside your comfort zone. 

I remember on one of my first days as a Habits intern, I suggested that we could liven up the Habits blog by incorporating other mediums and types of professionals. They accepted my idea on the spot, and I ended up collaborating with Chef Joel Gamoran on an IGTV video as well as a blog on sustainable and healthy eating. While it was nerve-wracking to come right out and share my ideas, my initiative and new perspective got me noticed.

Form real connections.

A connection on LinkedIn is nothing compared to a connection made in real life through shared experiences. For the sake of references and career advances, it’s of course always great to have positive relationships with the people you’ve worked with and who’ve overseen your work. But simply for life and general happiness, there’s nothing as rewarding as making connections and forming bonds with like minded and ambitious people.

One of my favorite parts about being a content writer was getting to interview other members of the Habits 365 community, whether that be interviewing an ambassador on his journey to sobriety, to learning more about the founding of Habits 365, to speaking with the women of the Habits 365 team.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Especially as a newbie in a position, asking for help can seem daunting and even unprofessional. But the truth is that asking questions, reaching out for assistance, and speaking up when you’re confused is just an important way of communicating clearly. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather, a sign that you’re invested in your role and want to do it right. Of course, use your best judgement, and avoid sending your boss a “Quick question!” email three times a day, but don’t convince yourself that you should have to figure out everything on your own. We’re all still learning.

Thank you to Habits 365 for teaching me these important lessons and giving me the opportunity to learn from such an inspiring team. I hope you’ll all carry these tips as well as the other blogs in your back pocket for when you need a little boost or a dose of good habits.


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