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The most effective Youtube fitness channels to subscribe to

The most effective Youtube fitness channels to subscribe to

Adapting to a workout routine can feel overwhelming sometimes. Not everyone does their best in the gym because they might feel eyes on them, and there should be more structure than just doing the same ten-minute workout in your room every day. It can get easy to simply decide not to workout if you don’t have a schedule and instruction on what to do. To change things up, here are some fitness Youtube channels that will help focus on different strength training along with cardio workouts:

Yoga with Adriene (11 Million subscribers)

Yoga with Adriene started in 2012 with casual, certified yoga videos, but grew to become one of the most viewed yoga channels on Youtube. Adriene is a certified yoga instructor and runs her own LLC where she offers yoga instruction to both the beginners and the experienced. 

The best thing about Yoga with Adriene is not that she offers several programs that are 100% free to view; Adriene puts care and thought into her content. She makes sure the viewer is able to do yoga in any circumstance with no necessary equipment besides a simple yoga mat. If you want to see if yoga is your ideal form of exercise, give this channel a try!

Madfit (6.85 Million subscribers)

Madfit offers one of the more diverse ranges of workout videos to her viewers. Madfit joined Youtube in 2018 and has been posting real life, at home workout videos since. She has several playlists on her channel, including dance-workout videos where she choreographs a dance to one song that incorporates as much fat burn and muscle strength as possible. This option is ideal for those that find exercising boring and don’t want to feel like they’re completing a task. 

Chris Heria (3.78 Subscribers)

If you specialize in weight training and muscle gain, Chris Heria posts videos of innovative ways to do these. Heria goes beyond the simple workout videos and also includes healthy and quick meals to cook, different dietary challenges to test, and how-to videos. The basis of his content is that anyone can do these workouts from some equipment to none at all. You might find it helpful to subscribe to Heria’s channel if you like the constant change and innovation of your workout routine. 

Juice and Toya (595k Subscribers) 

If you took inspiration from our blog on creating healthy habits with a partner, you both can subscribe to this partnered fitness channel. Juice and Toya are unique on the platform because they offer workouts that are geared towards both men and women. They let you decide which version of the workout you want to try, giving the opportunity to challenge yourselves. Juice and Toya offer a range of videos, including lifestyle, food, and fitness content. 

Chloe Ting (23.2 Million Subscribers)

If you have any familiarity with the fitness side of Youtube you know who Chloe Ting is. TIng created her channel in 2011, but her views took a great spike in 2020, the height of the pandemic in the U.S.. Chloe changed what at-home workouts look like with her high-intensity videos and energized content. Outside of her youtube channels she has free, guided workout programs to follow geared towards what you want to work on. Though most of her programs are two weeks each, they aren’t easy to keep up with. Ting is most famous for the results her subscribers get after following her programs, so maybe you will find success with them too!

Before you begin comparing your own progress to these fitness Youtubers, remember that everyone starts somewhere. Even these channels with millions of subscribers started out as beginners and probably followed their own fitness channels. The best thing you can do for yourself is try your best and create good habits for your mind and body. Instead of clicking on the videos titled “lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks,” try the ones that will help you with the aspects you want to feel stronger and healthier in. 


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