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The Spring/Summer Collection: A Peek Behind the Curtain

The Spring/Summer Collection: A Peek Behind the Curtain

By Mia Sherin, April 20, 2020

Picture this. You walk into the studio. It’s come alive with bright colored backgrounds and vibrant clothing draped over excited models. Andrew Allen, the cutting edge photographer, is stationed with his camera, chatting with Creative Director Briana Gobourne, scheming how to make this the best shoot for Habits 365 yet. The energy is high, positive vibes are flowing, and the camera captures every good feeling.

And that’s just the beginning of the shoot for the Spring/Summer collection.

Habits is so excited to drop our new collection that will bring colorful and fun pieces to your warm-weather repertoire. Because this was such an exciting shoot for us, we wanted to give the Habits community the inside scoop on what goes down behind the scenes. What better person to spill the tea than Briana, who ran the show? She gave us a glimpse into what the environment is like at the shoot, and let me just say, I wish I could have been there: “Everyone knows, if you do a photo shoot with me, it's always a party...If they're not hyped, then it's not going to translate right on camera.” Safe to say Briana is the best hype woman out there, because something definitely went right in those photos.

Organizationally, because of COVID-19 safety precautions, Briana explained that she typically lets in two models at a time to shoot their images. She has to strategize beforehand to make sure that each outfit gets sufficient footage with the right background, because there are so many looks with so little time. It’s a hustle and chaotic, but in the most exciting way.

Andrew, the genius photographer behind the camera, fed off of the good vibes as well. Especially given that everyone at the shoot was young, it’s inspiring to see what our generation can do. “The younger generation is taking over the world,” Andrew said. “It’s definitely encouraging to see, and I just love it. The energy is great, it’s so upbeat and it keeps me excited to photograph.”

When discussing his vision for the shoot, Andrew explained that his goal was to reach all audiences and make everyone feel included by the collection. “We want you guys to know that it’s for everyone,” Andrew shared. “If you’re a basketball player, or if you like to lounge around. It’s for every race, every creed, every color, every background, and it’s definitely for you.” You hear that? YOU!

This value of inclusion and diversity is one that is integral to Habits 365, and something that Briana certainly kept in mind with this shoot. “When I cast like models, I make sure I get a whole bunch of different types of people, so that when everyone looks on the site, that they feel like they're represented, which I think is really awesome,” Briana shared. “Our following is diverse, so I definitely want to make sure that our shoots represent that as well.”

For everyone who was present at the shoot, it is an experience they will never forget. Chris Hulbert, an ambassador for Habits and a model at the shoot, could not agree more. “The atmosphere was great. The people just love their job,” Chris said. “We’re all there for the common cause. When we join forces, we’re all just trying to make the best experience out of it.”


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