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What new years' resolution suits you?

What new years' resolution suits you?

It’s human nature that we are continuously trying to get better, whether that’d be financial, mental health, physical health, or academic improvement. When the year is coming to a close, we put so much pressure on ourselves to come up with this long list of resolutions to start in the New Year; however, the way to successfully pick up these new habits is to start off one by one. If you put your time and energy into one resolution, that might become a permanent aspect of your life. Soon you’ll be able to move onto newer resolutions and eventually become the best version of yourself. Here at Habits, resolutions are what we’re about, so here are a few ideas on what your New Years’ resolution should be that fits your own lifestyle. 

For the city guy/gal, sign up for a new workout class that will get you out of bed early. I live in a small apartment myself, so if you don’t have the room in your place to get in a good workout, sign up for a class that runs weekly.​​ Try a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class, or if you don’t like to move too quickly, try yoga! It’s time to stop using the excuse that there’s not enough room in your home to workout; even if you don’t want to pay for a class, schedule weekly runs at your local park with a friend. Don’t let the tiny space and crammed streets in your city stop you from staying fit. 

For the workaholic with no time to cook for themselves, try prepping home-cooked meals on the weekends to eat throughout the week. As a working student in college, I have limited time to cook dinner when I have loads of homework and studying to do. As for professionals, I’m sure it can get difficult to juggle extra work after hours and find the motivation to cook a well-balanced meal. This can be solved if you try to take one day out of the week/weekend to prepare two-to-three meals that you can just reheat and eat throughout the week. This saves money by not buying takeout while also making sure you’re not just eating junk.

For the person with spare time and a phone screen addiction, pick up a new hobby that’ll get your eyes off the screen and your mind on a task you enjoy. Whenever I have a break from school or work, I tend to spend all that free time staring at my phone. Instead of wasting free time away, pick up a hobby that takes your mind off the world and onto a project. Maybe this new hobby is reading every night instead of watching TV to make yourself tired, or maybe it’s hand-stitch embroidering your old clothes to revamp them. I think over quarantine we started to slow down and pick up old hobbies, so maybe take what we learned and apply them to breaks we have in the future!

And for the one who is struggling with their mental health, have the resolution to make that your priority this New Year. With the population with mental health conditions rising, it’s no secret that many of us struggled in 2021, and it won’t get better if we don’t reach out for help. I mention mental health a lot in my writing, and it’s because it’s more important now than ever. Don’t feel embarrassed or scared to seek a therapist to work through past trauma; there is a stigma of us keeping quiet about our feelings when it should be something we discuss a lot. Being mentally healthy will lead you to want to pick up different habits too!

These are only a few of the many resolutions you can put on your list for 2022, but remember to focus on one at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself because you have your whole life to get better, and reach out for inspiration or help from loved ones. Let’s make this new year a strong yet peaceful one!


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