Habits 365 Ambassador Tips

To kick things into gear, here’s a checklist of effective strategies:

1. Connect with Friends and Family:

  • Show them your favorite product from our range.

  • Share a personal story of how the product has benefited you.

  • Offer them your ambassador code for a friendly incentive.

2. Maximize Your Instagram Presence:

  • Post a stylish photo or video review of you with our product.

  • Share a fun unboxing story.

  • Always tag @Habits_365 & @Habits365VIPS and use your unique ambassador code.

  • Utilize both your feed and stories for maximum reach.

3. Expand to Other Social Media Platforms:

  • Share on TikTok

  • Highlight different aspects of the products and how they fit into your daily routine.

  • Ensure your ambassador code is included in every post.

4. Radiate Enthusiasm and Authenticity:

  • Share why you love being an ambassador for us and the message we promote.

  • Talk about how our products align with your lifestyle and values. 

#1 RECOMMENDATION: Share a post directly with a friend (Instagram) featuring a product that you think will look great on them, and let them know!

Remember, consistency is your best friend in this journey. Your every effort brings you one step closer to success, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Here’s to reaching new heights and achieving great success together!

PSA: Many of our Ambassadors have earned anywhere from $100-$500 in a single month from selling and we have faith that you can do the same! 

If you are having any issues with anything, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Email: Admin@Habits365.com