Brand Ambassador FAQ

Q: What is Habits 365?

A: Habits 365 is a brand that transcends traditional fashion to embody positive transformation. Founded by visionary brothers, Eli and Spencer Zied, the journey began with a simple yet profound belief that fashion is more than what we wear, and should represent who we are now, and most importantly, who we aspire to be.

Q: What is the Habits brand ambassador program?

A: The Habits brand ambassador program is an opportunity for individuals to promote positivity and self-improvement to themselves and others through fashion. Brand ambassadors can make a purchase of an item at a discount, sell to people and make 15% commission, share posts on social media, and spread brand awareness. They also get exclusive and early access to new drops and more!

Q: How do I become a Habits brand ambassador?

A: To become a Habits brand ambassador, simply apply on our website here and provide some basic information about yourself. We will review your application and if approved, you will receive instructions on what needs to be done in terms of purchasing, receiving your unique referral code to share and more! 

Q: What are the benefits of being a Habits Brand Ambassador?

A: As a brand ambassador, you will have the opportunity to earn commission, get exclusive and early access to new drops, and be part of a positive and supportive community. You will receive personalized emails and special deals from the founders, and much more! 

Q: What is the discount code for brand ambassadors?

A: Brand ambassadors receive a discount code for a one-time purchase of any item(s) at a discounted rate. You will receive this if you are accepted via email! 

Q: How much commission do I earn as a brand ambassador?

A: Brand ambassadors earn a 15% commission on all sales made using their unique referral code.

Q: What do I need to do as a Habits Brand Ambassador?

A: As a brand ambassador, you will need to share your referral code on social media and with your network, make at least one sale using your code, and post in your gear and tag us on social media.

Q: How will I know when I've made a sale using my referral code?

A: You will receive an email notification every time someone makes a purchase using your unique referral code. At the end of each month, you will receive a payout! 

Q: How do I get exclusive and early access to new drops?

A: Brand ambassadors will receive email notifications and updates about upcoming releases and will have the opportunity to purchase items before they are available to the general public.

Q: How long does the Habits Brand ambassador program last?

A: The Habits 365 brand ambassador program has no set end date and will continue as long as you are an active brand ambassador.

Q: How soon will I receive my items upon ordering?

A: We will ship out your products right away and you will receive them typically after 3-4 business days! 

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It fits perfectly

Ambassador Kit- 3 for $50
Jaiven Martinez

I liked the shirts I like that clean look and the very soft and o feel in love with that dramatic but I was all so
Expecting kinda more then I got

Blue Miami Vice Cursive Tee

I recently purchased the Habits 365 Miami Vice Blue Cursive tee and I'm thoroughly impressed! The vibrant colors really pop and add a fun, stylish flair to my wardrobe. One of the standout features for me is the absence of a tag, which enhances comfort and eliminates any irritation.

The tee is true to size, providing a perfect fit that's both flattering and comfortable. The material is incredibly soft, making it ideal for all-day wear. Additionally, I appreciate the thoughtful design of the logo – it's just the right size and placed in a tasteful location, adding to the overall aesthetic of the shirt.

Overall, I'm delighted with my purchase and would highly recommend the Habits 365 Miami Vice Blue Cursive tee to anyone looking for a high-quality, stylish addition to their wardrobe.

Red Academy Hoodie
Azuredee Larkin
I ❤️My Hoodies!!

So glad I had found this site online which is Instagram. I want more of their clothes!! I just recommend my sons and best friend to check you all out. They are ready to shop.

Red Academy Tee
Camille McCray
Love the color

I like my shirts a little big so it fits perfectly.

Better than I expected

I ordered it too small but it was still a nice shirt with good fabric

One of the best kits I ever purchased

Great feel on skin nice fix looks and feels good good stitching give it 5/5

Alpha Tee

Great quality but it runs a little bigger than i expected

Great quality and great fit

Great quality and great fit

Black Academy Jacket

Great quality and a great fit

Vintage Pocket Tee
Devin Meneese
Habit 365💗💗

Love the shirt…everybody asking where I got it, quality is amazing!!

Habit 365 is the Best!!

Love the clothes, Amazing quality..

I loved everything

Ransom Tee
Miguel Mojica
Awesome colors

Great colors, great fit

Sticker 5-Pack (2")
Shatoya Morris

Sticker 5-Pack (2")

I haven’t wore the blue tee yet but I love it. Blue is my favorite color.

Fit perfectly

Fit perfectly

3 Tshirts with Habit 365
Thanks they fit perfect

Love it. ❤️ speading the word by sharing your styles with others positive brand image and styles keep em coming!!

Commuter Joggers

Great fit, wish they made more