About Us

Habits 365, a New York City-based apparel company, was created in August 2017 by Eli and Spencer Zied. Eli, now a 18-year old rising freshman in college and Spencer, a 21-year old junior in college, wanted to create a brand that spoke to people on a personal level about how to achieve success. They were inspired by the idea of creating not just a brand, but a movement that could help people reach their personal lifestyle goals. Habits 365 encourages positive habits, 365 days a year. Wearing its comfortable and stylish clothing reminds people to practice positive habits in order to achieve their full potential. You are your habits, and your habits will determine your success.

Habits 365 has been able to connect with powerful influencers such as James Harden, Floyd Mayweather, Da Baby, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ja Morant, Lil Baby, A Boogie, Dwyane Wade, Tyrann Mathieu, Kam Chancellor and many others who also believe in the message and purpose of the brand. People who excel at what they do know the importance of positive habits, and their daily practices help them achieve optimal success.

In 2018, Habits 365 introduced a women’s collection, as well as a kid’s collection. These additions to the brand reinforce the idea that everyone can be part of the movement and achieve their personal goals. As the brand and its reach have grown, Habits 365 initiated a Brand Ambassador program in which fellow enthusiasts joined the team to push the message of positive habits forward.

Habits 365 has focused on building a strong base. Its goal is to not only provide cool and comfortable apparel, but to connect with each individual on a personal level and be able to show them that they too, can achieve their personal lifestyle goals through positive behaviors that ultimately become habits. Habits 365 can be found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Always remember, Wear Your Habits!