Brand Ambassador FAQ

Whats the brand about? 

At Habits 365, a New York based apparel company, we encourage the practice of positive habits, 365 days a year. Clothing has the power to represent our values, serving as a constant reminder of how we choose to express ourselves. We hope that through our clothing and commitments, you feel empowered to achieve all of your aspirations.

How do I get paid?

At the end of each month, Ambassadors will receive an email (via the PayPal email address they provided when registering an Ambassador Dashboard) with their compensation for the month attached.

How much do I make?

Ambassadors receive compensation based on how many sales are made. Ambassadorreceive 10% compensation for each sale made. There are opportunities to make more depending on performance!

What are the benefits/details?

The Habits 365 Ambassador program is completely flexible! For sales made, 10% compensation is made by the Ambassador. Ambassadors also have the potential for their sociamedia posts and images to be posted on the Official Habits 365 Page. To be considered, make sure to tag @habits_365 in your post! You will receive exclusive early access to new items, and may be asked to participate in new projects depending on your progress!

How soon will I get my items?

When you purchase clothing from Habits 365, its delivery will be dependent on the method of shipping. Our policy states items will be shipped and received between 3-5 business days for standard shipping. You will receive an email confirmation when your product has been shipped out. If you have specific questions regarding the status of your order, please reach out

Do ambassadors receive free clothes?

The Habits 365 Ambassador program does not provide free clothing to its ambassadors initially. However, if an ambassador gets at least four sales using their code, we will send out free gear! There may be other opportunities for free clothing as well, please email to learn more. 

Can I get a shout out?

If you would like to be mentioned by the Official Habits Page, make sure to tag @habits_365 in your post for consideration. We believe in promoting healthy, positive, habits to both local communities as well as around the world, so please ensure to embody that mission in your post for consideration!

Where do I get a discount code?

In order to receive your personal promo code, REGISTER to have an Ambassador Dashboard using the link below if you have not done so already. If you have, simply log in:

Your promo code will appear here. If you would like to change/edit your promo code, you may do so once every 60 days. In that event, reach out to:

How do I make products?

Ambassadors have the potential to submit designs for consideration. Send design mock ups

Can I model?

Ambassadors are free to promote Habits 365 clothing on their social media with the potential of a post on the Official Habits 365 Page. Make sure to take a high-quality picture outdoors. Simpltag @habits_365 in the post for consideration. Email your photos to as well. 

Is this a sponsorship?

The Habits 365 Ambassador Program is not a sponsorship. You may be featured on our page, however

Based on 2309 reviews

It fits perfectly

Ambassador Kit- 3 for $50
Jaiven Martinez

I liked the shirts I like that clean look and the very soft and o feel in love with that dramatic but I was all so
Expecting kinda more then I got

Blue Miami Vice Cursive Tee

I recently purchased the Habits 365 Miami Vice Blue Cursive tee and I'm thoroughly impressed! The vibrant colors really pop and add a fun, stylish flair to my wardrobe. One of the standout features for me is the absence of a tag, which enhances comfort and eliminates any irritation.

The tee is true to size, providing a perfect fit that's both flattering and comfortable. The material is incredibly soft, making it ideal for all-day wear. Additionally, I appreciate the thoughtful design of the logo – it's just the right size and placed in a tasteful location, adding to the overall aesthetic of the shirt.

Overall, I'm delighted with my purchase and would highly recommend the Habits 365 Miami Vice Blue Cursive tee to anyone looking for a high-quality, stylish addition to their wardrobe.

Red Academy Hoodie
Azuredee Larkin
I ❤️My Hoodies!!

So glad I had found this site online which is Instagram. I want more of their clothes!! I just recommend my sons and best friend to check you all out. They are ready to shop.

Red Academy Tee
Camille McCray
Love the color

I like my shirts a little big so it fits perfectly.

Better than I expected

I ordered it too small but it was still a nice shirt with good fabric

One of the best kits I ever purchased

Great feel on skin nice fix looks and feels good good stitching give it 5/5

Alpha Tee

Great quality but it runs a little bigger than i expected

Great quality and great fit

Great quality and great fit

Black Academy Jacket

Great quality and a great fit

Vintage Pocket Tee
Devin Meneese
Habit 365💗💗

Love the shirt…everybody asking where I got it, quality is amazing!!

Habit 365 is the Best!!

Love the clothes, Amazing quality..

I loved everything

Ransom Tee
Miguel Mojica
Awesome colors

Great colors, great fit

Sticker 5-Pack (2")
Shatoya Morris

Sticker 5-Pack (2")

I haven’t wore the blue tee yet but I love it. Blue is my favorite color.

Fit perfectly

Fit perfectly

3 Tshirts with Habit 365
Thanks they fit perfect

Love it. ❤️ speading the word by sharing your styles with others positive brand image and styles keep em coming!!

Commuter Joggers

Great fit, wish they made more